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Trae Crowder, Drew Morgan and Corey Ryan Forrester (Authors of The Liberal Redneck Manifesto, and comedians on The WellRed Comedy Tour) host a weekly podcast featuring guests from all walks of life. From MMA fighters, Political experts, Comedians, Television Producers... you get it.. it's diverse. We meet interesting people on the road. Sometimes they let us record our conversations. Sometime's, however, it's just us three goofballs cracking wise about anything from politics, sports, chicken, relationships, and music! for tickets to shows and more!
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Mar 15, 2017

After an upbringing and young adulthood in rural Alaska that could generously be described as "some Story of Job shit", Lauren Murphy found herself hopelessly addicted to drugs and near the end of her rope. She had taken just about as many punches from Life as she could take.

So she decided to punch back.

Now Lauren is a happily married mom and professional MMA fighter in the UFC with a record of 9 wins and 3 losses, and, far more importantly, she's clean and has been for years. If her story doesn't move you, then you are probably dead. And not just regular old "oh I'm dead inside" type dead, but literally dead.

We met Lauren at The MMA Lab in Phoenix where she taught us how to kick and punch (badly, but that's not her fault) and then we sat down at the Phoenix House of Comedy to talk about fighting. Fighting addiction, fighting your demons, fighting for your life, etc. (We talk about actual fighting too.)

Before the interview, you'll hear a conversation the three of us had on Saturday at the Golden Spike Comedy Festival in Salt Lake City. Being in the heart of Mormon World had religion on our mind, so be ready for some blasphemy in this un.


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    Just heard the really are rednecks
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    Donna Wooster
    From Wikipedia - Quicksand.
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    Contrary to popular belief, quicksand itself is harmless: a human or animal is unlikely to sink entirely into quicksand and drown at all due to the higher density of the fluid (assuming the quicksand is on dry ground and not under water, but even if underwater, sinking is still impractical). Quicksand has a density of about 2 grams per milliliter, whereas the density of the human body is only about 1 gram per milliliter. At that level of density, sinking in quicksand is impossible. Descending about up to the waist is possible, but not any further. Even objects with a higher density than quicksand will float on it—until they move. Aluminum, for example, has a density of about 2.7 grams per milliliter, but a piece of aluminum will float on top of quicksand until motion causes the sand to liquefy.[2]
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