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Trae Crowder, Drew Morgan and Corey Ryan Forrester (Authors of The Liberal Redneck Manifesto, and comedians on The WellRed Comedy Tour) host a weekly podcast featuring guests from all walks of life. From MMA fighters, Political experts, Comedians, Television Producers... you get it.. it's diverse. We meet interesting people on the road. Sometimes they let us record our conversations. Sometime's, however, it's just us three goofballs cracking wise about anything from politics, sports, chicken, relationships, and music! for tickets to shows and more! If you ever feel inclined to donate in a pbs type fashion—————>
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Mar 29, 2017

W. Earl Brown is one of the most hard working, talented, and beloved character actors of our time. Most know him as Dan Dority on Deadwood, Teague Dixon on True Detective, or of course as Cameron Diaz's mentally handicapped brother Warren in There's Something About Mary. The three of us, however,  are lucky enough to just know him as our buddy "Big Earl"

Brown was born and raised in western Kentucky. Realizing early in life that he had aversion to manual labor, he knew that farming life was not for him. The first theater he ever attended was on his grandparents' front porch, where, in following family tradition, they would entertain themselves after a day's work with songs and stories. He was much better suited to that part of Kentucky farm life rather than the fields and barns.

In addition to his television and film work, Earl co-starred in Sony's The Last Of Us, 2013 Video Game Of The Year. He also writes music and records with Sacred Cowboys, an LA based Americana band.


As if our southern roots weren't enough to make us pals for life, Brown will also be starring in Showtime's new series 'I'm Dying Up Here', produced by Jim Carrey and based on the booming stand up comedy scene in LA during the 70's. The series premiers Sunday, June 4th. 


On this episode we discuss growing up in the south, our mutual love of comedy, the fears that come with being a professional entertainer, DEADWOOD, and what Larry David is like in real life. Not gonna give anymore away because we had too much fun and want you to hear it for yourselves!

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Mar 22, 2017

On this weeks episode, we give you the rundown of our weekend in Vegas, and our appearance on THE VIEW!


March madness, concerts, gambling, GLUTTONY, booze, comedy shows, and life changing commitments... this weekend really had it all. 


Of course the conversation inevitably shifted to some of the down right silly current events creeping their way out of Washington... so we cuss about that too!


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Mar 15, 2017

After an upbringing and young adulthood in rural Alaska that could generously be described as "some Story of Job shit", Lauren Murphy found herself hopelessly addicted to drugs and near the end of her rope. She had taken just about as many punches from Life as she could take.

So she decided to punch back.

Now Lauren is a happily married mom and professional MMA fighter in the UFC with a record of 9 wins and 3 losses, and, far more importantly, she's clean and has been for years. If her story doesn't move you, then you are probably dead. And not just regular old "oh I'm dead inside" type dead, but literally dead.

We met Lauren at The MMA Lab in Phoenix where she taught us how to kick and punch (badly, but that's not her fault) and then we sat down at the Phoenix House of Comedy to talk about fighting. Fighting addiction, fighting your demons, fighting for your life, etc. (We talk about actual fighting too.)

Before the interview, you'll hear a conversation the three of us had on Saturday at the Golden Spike Comedy Festival in Salt Lake City. Being in the heart of Mormon World had religion on our mind, so be ready for some blasphemy in this un.


Mar 8, 2017

How do you even begin to describe George Wallace? The sheer fact that we have become friends with him is kind of too much for us to handle. 

He's been in a Cohen Brother's movie (One of the greatest duos of all time), He's been on Seinfeld (One of the greatest sitcoms of all time), and he played THE MAYOR OF GOTHAM CITY in Batman Forever (Do we even have to hype up Batman?) 

More importantly (to us, at least) he is one of the greatest stand-up comedians of all time. In his 40+ year career, he has worked every room, every theatre, and every casino you can imagine, all the while inspiring many legendary comedians we still enjoy today. 

We sat down with George in the showroom at The Legendary Punchline in Atlanta, Georgia - where George lives today.

We discuss his start in comedy, his business ventures, his insanely talented family, and of course, the conversation steers in the direction of our current political landscape. 

Before the interview begins of course, we recorded an hour long intro in a hotel in Burbank. Drew and Corey had just gotten off of a plane from the east coast, so the conversation jet-lagged its way to the Russian scandal, Ben Carson's recent word fart about slavery, Alex Jones, and Trae's recent trip across the border. 


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Mar 1, 2017

Today's episode includes a sit down with our good friend Mary Wilcher.

Mary Wilcher is the VP of Production and Development at Figure 8 Films in Carrboro, NC where she lives with her wife and 2 kids. Having grown up in West Virginia and ultimately settling in North Carolina after stints in Los Angeles and Atlanta, Mary shares her experiences of sharing a marriage and family with another woman in the South. We discuss coming out of the closet, the difference between southern cities vs. rural areas, and how draconian parental rights laws affected her family directly. A moment that should have been sacred to her family became a reminder of how backwards things are. It is a story that sincerely and deeply affected all three of us. We hope you like it.


Also we discuss how reality TV changed the game, drugs, and the Kings of Leon selling out.