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Trae Crowder, Drew Morgan and Corey Ryan Forrester (Authors of The Liberal Redneck Manifesto, and comedians on The WellRed Comedy Tour) host a weekly podcast featuring guests from all walks of life. From MMA fighters, Political experts, Comedians, Television Producers... you get it.. it's diverse. We meet interesting people on the road. Sometimes they let us record our conversations. Sometime's, however, it's just us three goofballs cracking wise about anything from politics, sports, chicken, relationships, and music! for tickets to shows and more!
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Feb 15, 2017

The boys sit down with Sarah Smarsh at her home in Austin, Texas.

Sarah Smarsh is a journalist who writes about socioeconomic class. The daughter of a carpenter and a teenage mom, Sarah was raised as a fifth-generation wheat farmer in rural Kansas. She often writes against stereotypes about poverty and the white working class. Sarah has reported on politics and public policy for The Guardian,, Harper's, and many other places. She's currently finishing a book on her upbringing among the American working poor, which will be published by Scribner Books. She lives in Kansas and Texas.


Super fun hang! As always, check out for tour dates, and to order our book - The Liberal Redneck Manifesto: Draggin Dixie Outta The Dark.


See y'all next week!

  • over five months ago
    I'm a black professional from NYC (born and bred). I lean hard left but am a hardcore Independent. Been a follower of Trae's for a while. Just found this podcast. Totally digging it. Looking forward to listening to others. Best of luck and keep up the good work.
  • almost eight months ago
    As a Nebraskan, I can relate a lot to WellRed podcasts even though we are not a Southern state. Also our Dollar Store Lex Luther wants to do the same this Brownback did to Kansas.
  • over eight months ago
    Omg all I can hear is yall chewing bubblegum, or tobacco, hell maybe it's dicks, no judging. But seriously so much slurping and lips smacking in the background.